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What is it about?
Eco-innovation is about changing consumption and production patterns and market uptake of technologies, products and services to reduce our impact on the environment.

Business and innovation come together to create sustainable solutions that make better use of precious resources, reduce the negative side-effects of our economy on the environment and create economic benefits and competitive advantage.

But it is not just the environment that stands to gain from eco-innovation. The world market for environmental products and services is growing every year and new markets are there to be exploited.

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What's in it for you?
Between 2008 and 2013 nearly €200 million will be available to fund projects that contribute to eco-innovation in Europe.

The objective is to boost Europe’s environmental and competitive standing by supporting innovative solutions that protect the environment while creating a larger market for “green” technologies, management methods, products and services.

Eco-innovation will fund the best projects in terms of innovation, environmental benefits, replication potential, marketability and economic impact.