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ERGP (18) 36 ERGP input for the Commission’s Guidance related to the Article 6 Assessment of cross-border single-piece parcel tariffs
ERGP Open Workshop 28 November 2018 -Belgrade
Contributions to the Public consultation on the ERGP WP 2019
Press release on the first ERGP stakeholder forum in Brussels on 20 September 2018
WIK presentation for the EC workshop : Delivering for the future
Copenhagen Economics presentation for the EC workshop 19/09/2018
EC Presentation on the next steps around the upcoming review of the Directive
Program and speakers of ERGP stakeholder Forum 20/09/2018
Delivering for the Future II : Workshop on Developments in the Postal Sector 19 09 2018
Press Release -European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) 14th plenary
ERGP PL (18) 27_Final version of ERGP Report on the application of the principles of transparency non-discrimination and proportionality
ERGP PL (18) 21 ERGP Work Programme 2019
Registration form ERGP stakeholder forum
ERGP (17) 37a -ERGP report on the boundaries around postal services in order to ensure NRAs clarity in the performance of their tasks
Presentations of the Workshop on Developments in the Postal Sector 07/03/2018
Questionnaire Postal Statistics (+ glossary) 2016
Press release -ERGP key priorities 2018
Invitation to a Workshop on Developments in the Postal Sector
ERGP PL (17) 38 Report on Access
ERGP PL (17)13 ERGP WP 2018 including comments
ERGP PL (17) 47 Report on Costing Access
ERGP PL (17) 44 Assessment of USO
ERGP PL (17) 34 Report common set
ERGP PL (17) 35 – Report on QoS, consumer protection and complaint handling
ERGP PL (17) 36 ERGP report on the core indicators
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