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Onlife Manifesto: Being human in a hyperconnected era


Luciano FLORIDI registered to attend the Onlife Manifesto: Being human in a hyperconnected era Event

Universities of Hertfordshire and Oxford
United Kingdom

Luciano Floridi (MA Laurea Rome "La Sapienza", MPhil, PhD Warw, MA Oxon, Dr. h. c. Suceava) is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire – where he holds the Research Chair in Philosophy of Information and the UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics – and Fellow of St Cross College, University of Oxford. Among his recognitions: Gauss Professor by the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen, the APA’s Barwise Prize, AISB Fellowship, the IACAP’s Covey Award, and the INSEIT’s Weizenbaum Award. He is Editor in Chief of Philosophy & Technology. His most recent books are: The Philosophy of Information (OUP, 2011); Information: A Very Short Introduction (OUP, 2010); and The Cambridge Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics (CUP, 2010). His forthcoming books are: The Ethics of Information; and The Fourth Revolution - The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Our Lives, both for OUP.

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