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11.5 Cross border services, investment readiness and legal advice for ICT SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs

(a) Support to groups of leading ICT clusters/incubators/accelerators for delivering cross border services to highly innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs, in view of accelerating their growth.

The aim is to:

  • Provide improved facilities and services – eg leading edge experience sharing, high quality networking, training and mentoring activities, markets information - to selected highly innovative ICT start-up’s and SME and entrepreneurs;
  • Facilitate concrete ways of cooperation to stimulate cross borders development and early European and international exposure of selected highly innovative ICT start-up’s and SME and entrepreneurs;
  • Put in place operational schemes encouraging more and better cross border venturing in Europe.

(b) Support to a platform to develop investment readiness for participants in ICT projects in EU Framework Programmes; to facilitate interactions with investors and access to finance, for innovative SME's or entrepreneurs in ICT participating in EU programmes or targeted by actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

This will build on, continue and rationalise the ICT Finance Marketplace initiative (1). Support will go to a single coordination and Support Action animated by a well focused consortium which members should have demonstrated capacity in mobilising Venture Capital firms, Business Angels and other actors investing in high growth SME's in the ICT Field.

(c) Develop bridges between ICT entrepreneurs and start-ups and law students through "law incubators". The aim is that law students give legal advice under the strict supervision of their university teacher, to ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs – in particular web entrepreneurs. Support will go to a Coordination and Support Action involving in a platform a critical mass of law universities, covering specificities of different national legal systems in Europe, and developing links with communities of ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Activities would combine: networking and coordination activities with the European Law Universities of the consortia; definition of the legal expertise to be provided to ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs; elaboration of guidelines tailored to non-legal experts about the specific legal issues related to the ICT sector; dissemination activities about the services offered to the targeted audience.

(d) Develop bridges, networks, contacts between researchers, (PhD) students in ICT projects in EU Framework Programmes on one hand and high potential SMEs, entrepreneurs and business school students on the other hand in order to develop experience sharing on entrepreneurship and to create opportunities for exploiting results and ideas. Support will go to stakeholders having demonstrated capacity in mobilizing ICT entrepreneurs and organisations being in contact with large communities of researchers and students participating in EU R&D project.

The overall objective is to drive innovation, facilitate technology transfer, support entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups and spinoffs etc, contributing to the exploitation of more innovative products and services out of EU R&D projects. This should be done through actions and events organised in thematic domains as well as the use of existing electronic platforms and networking tools.

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