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6.7 Electro-mobility

The European Green Car Initiative (EGCI) is part of the European Economic Recovery Plan launched in November 2008 to respond to the global economic crisis. This Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) aims at demand-side measures to support the development of new and sustainable forms of road transport. The ICT contribution to this initiative aims at improving the cost- and energy-efficiency of the fully electric vehicle and its value chain through the application of advanced ICT. Objective 6.7 under ICT and relevant objectives under NMP, Environment, Energy and Transport are co-ordinated and jointly support the EGCI PPP.

This objective addresses fully electric vehicles (FEV), meaning electrically-propelled vehicles that provide significant driving range on purely battery-based power. It includes vehicles having an on-board electrical generator as range extenders. The objective also covers small light-weight passenger and duty vehicles. Projects supported under this objective should advance the research, development and integration of major building blocks for the FEV, and for its infrastructure integration.

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