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6.5 Co-operative mobility

The objective is to make use of co-operative mobility technologies to develop supervised automated driving which is expected to be the most viable long-term option for improving both the energy efficiency and safety of individual, public and freight transport by smoother, better informed driving and behavioural change.

Co-operative mobility is the interconnection of users, vehicles and infrastructure that enables the creation and sharing of new kinds of information, leading to a better cooperation amongst mobility users. Focus is on supervised automated driving for improving both the energy efficiency and safety of individual and public transport and on energy-efficient, safe and accessible services to enhance mobility of citizens.

The target is to develop and demonstrate fault-tolerant and resilient supervised automated driving technologies and applications to address issues such as driver take-over situations, automated stop-over to a safe location, rendering the behaviour of an automated vehicle predictable for other road users; use of smart lanes or existing dedicated lanes where automated vehicles can circulate under geographical separation or time limits. Research and innovation shall build on and integrate advances in co-operative systems, driver assistance systems, dependable control systems, embedded and sensor systems, and human machine interfaces.

Besides technologies and infrastructures required for supervised automated driving, proposals should as well address the associated socio-economic, standardisation, and legal issues. Coordination and support actions should make data captured from large scale field operational tests available for data mining and analysis; develop and pilot training programmes and curricula for enhancing the human machine interaction using different levels of automation in the connected car; develop and build consensus on business models for the deployment of automation in public/personal road transport; international cooperation activities based on existing international arrangements in particular with the US and Japan.

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