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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

5.3 ICT for smart and personalised inclusion

This activity is a continuation of the previous Objectives on "ICT for smart and personalised inclusion" in the ICT WP 2011-12 and on "Accessible and Assistive ICT" in the ICT WP 2009-10. It bridges to Horizon 2020. Projects are addressing advanced research, integrating and further developing where necessary recent results from e-inclusion/e-accessibility domain and from interaction, enhanced learning and information management domains.

Target Outcomes

(a) Accessible and intuitive solutions for personalised interfaces to smart environments and innovative services designed for all, including people at risk of exclusion - notably persons with disabilities, with low levels of digital literacy/skills, and older persons.

The focus is on delivering accessible and usable ICT solutions in a portable and pervasive manner, encompassing devices, applications, services and smart environments. The proposed work will include (i) principles, frameworks and architectures to deliver global inclusive services and environments through different infrastructures, personal devices and applications; (ii) repositories of population representative user profiles and innovative mechanisms for interface adaptation, to address personalised accessibility and usability; (iii) development tools to facilitate the integration of inclusive solutions in everyday life applications.

(b) Coordination and Support Actions:

b1) The work should focus on consolidation of recent results in Brain Neural Computer Interaction (BNCI) and on investigating new BNCI activities and synergies with relevant fields leading to enhancement of human functions in relation to motor, sensory, cognitive and mental disabilities.

b2) Industrial strategies and valuation of potential markets for eInclusion components and services, in particular for the web, the telecom, and public interactive terminals.

b3) Coordination and harmonisation of development, evaluation and monitoring approaches for e-accessibility, targeting the web and the audio-visual media.

Funding Schemes

a): IP/STREP; b): CSA;

Indicative budget distribution

  • IP/STREP: EUR 16.5 million, with the objective to support at least one IP
  • CSA: EUR 2.5 million. For each topic, up to one CSA will be selected with maximum duration of 24 months and maximum EC funding of EUR 1.0 million for b1), EUR 0.5 million for b2), and EUR 1 million for b3).

Call: FP7-ICT-2013-10

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Relevant challenge: 5. ICT for Health, Ageing Well, Inclusion and Governance

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