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ICT Proposers' Day 2012

4.3 SME initiative on analytics

European Small and Medium Enterprises need help to acquire the competences and resources they need to develop innovative content and data analytics services. This is true in particular when these services are based on the use of available data, for example from public bodies.

The Target Outcomes and the related funding schemes are:

a) Integrated Open Data Incubator (one Integrated Project)

b) Easing transfer and take-up of language technologies (STREP projects)

c) Software components and intuitive end user applications based on reuse of open data (STREP projects)

Objective ICT-2013.4.3 creates the conditions for removing many of the obstacles that hamper SMEs and encourages market oriented, robust and scalable applications of cutting edge technologies that are yet untested. It also contributes towards better commercial maturity and take-up of language technology in analytics, web and enterprise intelligence, social media analytics, enterprise search and content management, online and cloud-based translation etc.

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