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3.4 Advanced computing, embedded and control systems

Driven by use cases addressing the grand societal challenges in Europe, the objective is to combine and expand Europe's industrial strengths in embedded and mobile computing and in control of networked embedded systems along two dimensions: (1) designing the next generation of cost- and energy-efficient computing systems to power the future "cloud", and (2) expanding the functionality of embedded systems architectures towards controlling their behaviour within a system of systems (SoS) and towards seamlessly integrating safety- and time-critical with non-critical functionalities sharing common computing resources and evolving from the convergence of the embedded and the internet worlds.

Target outcomes:

a) Next generation of energy- and cost-efficient servers for data-centres

b) Control in embedded systems with mixed criticalities sharing computing resources

c) Exploiting synergies and strengths between computing segments

d) From analysing to controlling behaviour of Systems of Systems (SoS)

e) Access to novel computing technologies for industry

f) Constituency building and road-mapping

Expected Impacts

• Reinforced competitiveness of European technology suppliers across the computing spectrum; in particular for data-centre servers with two orders of magnitude improvements in total cost of ownership and energy efficiency.

• Reinforced European technological leadership and industrial competitiveness in the design, operations, and control of embedded systems with mixed criticalities and SoS.

• Improved systems characteristics: energy/cost efficiency, controlling dynamic and emergent behaviour, managing different criticality levels, security, safety, degree of integration in generic architectures and platforms.

• Increased take-up of European computing technologies in industry, in particular SMEs.

• More efficient application software development by breaking the dependence on dual expertise for application development and customisation for advanced computing systems.

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