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3.1 Nanoelectronics

This objective addresses overcoming serious barriers, which are currently slowing down the expected evolution of CMOS, including the fundamental limits of devices and materials, system level limits, energy-efficiency, power density issues, design complexity issues, and cost. It is in line with the ITRS roadmap. It complements FET, and the more application driven and closer to market activities carried out under the ENIAC JU. Take-up actions in nanoelectronics, including Europractice-type actions, are addressed under Objective 3.3.

Target Outcomes

a) Integration of advanced nanoelectronics devices and technologies (16nm and below)

  • New solutions to boost performance in More Moore. This includes Ge, III-V compound semiconductors, graphene, CNT or nanowires.
  • Innovative solutions to boost functionality in More than Moore.
  • New switches for Beyond CMOS and beyond silicon, charge-based or non-charge-based with a sufficient level of technological maturity.
  • Interconnects and 3D integration at device, chip and wafer level.

b) Advanced nanoelectronics manufacturing processes.

  • More Moore IC Manufacturing: efficiency and productivity enhancement
  • Manufacturing approaches to Beyond-CMOS and advanced More-than-Moore, and to their integration with nano-CMOS including 3D integration.

c) Design, modelling and simulation for advanced nano-electronics technologies

  • Circuit- and system-level modelling and simulation: e.g. quantum and atomic scale effects; electro-thermo- mechanical effects; modelling for new materials, processes and devices.
  • Design technologies for "Si complexity" challenges addressing non-ideal scaling of device parasitics and supply/threshold voltages; manufacturing variability; thermal effects; decreased reliability; ageing effects; coupled high-frequency devices and interconnects.
  • Innovating with nanoelectronics - designing heterogeneous SOC integration, re-using IP.

d) International Co-operation

One support action to develop a European strategy which addresses the challenges in manufacturing for 450 mm in dialogue with G450C and with the US, Korea, and Taiwan.

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