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1.6 Connected and Social Media

This objective focuses on the development of advanced digital media access and delivery platforms and related technologies supporting innovation in the digital media sector. The aim is to develop a new generation of media clouds and Internet-based applications and services using intuitive and innovative ways of interacting with networked multimedia devices, applications and services (e.g. through enhanced immersive and interactive experiences).

a) Connected Media

• Architectures, technologies for the end-to-end coordination of user terminals (e.g. smart phones and smart devices), home-gateways, networks and cloud infrastructure for delivering highly interactive, personalised and shared media experiences. The work should link cloud-based applications, content delivery networks, peer-to-peer networking and media processing capabilities with content-aware and information-centric networks to allow flexible control over content storage, distribution and processing in an open networked platform.

• Novel platforms for customised and context-adapted hybrid broadcast-Internet services supporting the evolution of broadcasting media towards more interactivity, connectivity and integration with virtual, mixed and augmented realities, including next-generation multisensory games. The combination of multiple screens (of different types) and spatialised audio to augment user interaction, enhance flexible access and enable non-linear play-outs of interactive and user-centric media should be explored.

• Improvement of Quality of Experience by providing surrounding, immersive, multisensory and interactive, always connected and seamless environments on the move, at home and at work. Development of natural user-interaction interfaces and contextual adaptation techniques through smart profiling to provide dynamic user experiences. Increasing quality, frame rates, resolution and dynamic range for more plausible digital media experiences, integrating, notably by means of augmented reality, natural and computer generated AV content.

b) Social Media

• Technologies for intelligent dynamic media adaptation by delivery platforms, beyond the transcoding of individual streams, according to the context of individual consumers and social communities.

• Simplification of access to networked media services in order to broaden the involvement of social communities in crowd sourcing. Seamless and user-friendly interactive media experiences.

• Development of community-focused interactive media systems that facilitate a range of social interactions supported by user- , community-, network- and context-centric search based on effective relevance feedback and real-time social recommendation.

• Optimisation of media exchange according to community usage and interaction patterns extracted from the analysis of relationships and shared activity in social networks.. Extraction and mining of data from social networks, for indexing and searching user-generated content and for research on human behaviour and social activity.

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Relevant challenge: 1. Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures

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