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Kumardev CHATTERJEE registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event

European Young Innovators Forum
Founder and President

Kumardev, a young innovator, entrepreneurial youth innovation leader, experienced ICT industry professional, European Commission appointed Expert and Eureka appointed High-Level Technical Expert, founded the European Young Innovators Forum in 2010 in Brussels with the joint support of the European Parliament, Commission and Council. Kumardev has 15+ years of international experience in the innovation, entrepreneurship and ICT space (EU, US, UK, China, India), in both public, private and non-profit sectors, where he has been engaged from the age of 19 when he set up his first for-profit company (he started his first social business at the age of 14).

In his role of Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum, Kumardev is responsible for the management of EYIF's key stakeholder relationships with the European Commission, US State Department, Fortune 100 Chairpersons and CEOs, and large European and International organisations like the Word Economic Forum, European Investment Fund and other strategic partners. He represents EYIF on various Expert Groups and Stakeholder Committees of the European Commission in the areas of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ICT. He leads the management of EYIF's broad community of young innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and led Europe's first-ever delegation of Young Innovators on a joint US State Department-EYIF program, the InnotourUSA.

At THALES and previous ICT industry roles, Kumardev’s experience spans multiple industry domains including Transport (Rail and Air), Government and Public, ICT / Technology and Services and Telecom. He has led on strategic Innovation and ICT projects for major corporations including British Rail (ATOC and Network Rail), Adobe, General Electric, HT-Chase Manhattan (Go4i), BT-AIRTEL and organisations like NATO, European Commission, EUROCONTROL, SESAR, including technical management of large projects (size > € 1M)

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