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Stuart CAMPBELL registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Stuart Campbell has been involved in the field of e-Business since 1989 when he started his career after graduating from Loughborough University of Technology with a degree in Electronic and Manufacturing Engineering. He was the project manager for eBusiness at ICL purchasing (now Fujitsu), then moved on to manage the technical activities within the Western European EDIFACT Board within the European Commission and from there was invited to lead the eCommerce activities in the European Standards Institutes (CEN) European Board for EDI/EC Standardization (eBES).Stuart has also produced several papers and regularly presents at technical and business conferences and has been involved in the CEN eBusiness interoperability forum (eBIF) and the eBES board for eBusiness standards.

Before joining TIE in January 2001, Stuart worked as the Solutions Director for CMASS/Vintura where he managed diverse eBusiness projects. As Chief Technology Officer for TIE Holding since 2001, Stuart manages TIE's software and services development activity and TIE's Research activities. These have included major European Commission funded projects (e.g. STASIS, SEAMLESS, SEEMseed) which serve to help fund TIE's cutting-edge research and benefit Europe through multi-partner consortiums. Through Stuart, TIE is also Chair of the ICT SME committee and SME partner of the NESSI European Technology Platform Software and Services initiative which is promoting Service Orientated Architectures (SOA) in Europe through projects such as NEXOF-RA, SOA4ALL and NESSI 2010. In December 2008 Stuart was selected to be one of its Steering Committee Vice Chairs.

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