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CIDAUT Foundation
Human Factors

The Human Factors group is a multidisciplinary team with wide experience in National and European research programmes together with customer projects.

Work segments currently active:

o In-vehicle Human-Machine Interfaces

o Road Infrastructure Safety

o Accident analysis and research

o Motorbikes and helmets

o Physical ergonomics and Comfort Assessment

Main skills directly related to Human Machine Interaction

o User Centred design

o Functional Analysis of new IVIS and ADAS systems

o HMI design of IVIS/ADAS systems, I/O devices design

o Usability evaluation and behavioural studies

o Driving simulator studies and field tests with experimental vehicles in real road conditions

o Prospective and retrospective analysis of road accidents for identification of risk factors (causation, contributory and precipitating factors)

o Psychophysiology and comfort assessment of interior components and systems

Our available equipment in relation to Human Factors is:

o Driving simulator: dynamic (2 axis motion), front and rear projection

o Virtual human simulation software (physical ergonomics)

o Captive tool for data gathering and analysis (biometric sensors: EMG, etc.)

o FaceLAB eye and head tracking tool

o Multimedia equipment (cameras, audio, etc.)

o Statistical analysis software

Current projects:

AIDE (Adaptive Integrated Driver-Vehicle Interface), PReVENT (Preventive and Active Safety Applications), SAFESPOT (Cooperative Systems for Road Safety "Smart Vehicles on Smart Roads"), RANKERS (Ranking for European Road Safety; FP6), TRACE (Traffic Accident Causation in Europe), SIM (Safety in Motion), COST 357, etc.

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