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Luis ALMEIDA registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event

CCG - Center for Computer Graphics

Project Manager and R&D area leader for Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

He received a five-year degree on Mathematics (specialization on Computer Graphics and Applications) from the Science and Technology Faculty of Coimbra University, Portugal. Since July 1994, for two years, he was a computer graphics researcher at the Technical University of Lisbon. He joined Centro de Computação Gráfica - Portugal (CCG) in 1996, as a researcher for computer graphics and then he assumed the role of senior project manager. His research interests are now primarily concerned with Information Visualization and Management,

Mobile Multimedia, Virtual and Augmented Reality applied on solutions Tourism and Cultural Heritage preservation and information dissemination, in the context of national and European projects. He has also been participating, on behalf of CCG, for projects where interaction techniques and technologies are designed and developed targeting users with special needs, like for example elderly people at home. He is author and co-author of several publications, short communications and seminars.

He has been the author and principal manager of several R&D projects with particular emphasis in the area of the application of technology and its transfer to end-user solutions. He has experience working for international consortia, like for example for ARCHEGUIDE (IST FP), or the recently finished GUIDE and COGNITO, both under European Commission 7th Framework program.

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