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Wiktor ADAMUS registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event

Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Institute of Economics and Management
professor, Head Department

Professor Wiktor Adamus, Ph.D.

Jagiellonian University, Kraków

Faculty of Management and Social Communication

Deals with the problems of organization and management, including methods decision support and modeling of economic processes on a regional scale. His research area is the use of quantitative methods (ie studies in which the numbers of reflect quantitative and qualitative variables) in economic science, organizational, managerial, social and others.

10 most important publications:

1.Adamus W. & all, 1997. Institutions and Mechanisms of Financing Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector in Poland, [w:] Economic Policy for the Agro-Industry Sector in the Transition Economies. Occasional Paper No.4, Economic Growth Center, Yale University, New Haven, p. IV 2-12

2.Adamus W., Lalicka M., Regional development programming (for example Małopolskie) [in] the Agrarian question in Poland and abroad, Wydawnictwo SGGW Warszawa 2005, Prace Naukowe nr 36, p. 623-634,

3.Adamus W., Cieślik E., Gręda A., Contents of polyphenols in fruit and vegetables, pp.

135-142, Food Chemistry (ELSEViER), Vol. 94, Nr. 1, January 2006,

4.Adamus W. (edit), The Analitic Hierarchy Process. Aplicatons in Solving Multipe Criteria Decision Problems. Kraków: Jagiellonian University Presss, 2008, p.335

5. Adamus W., When Should Poland Enter the EURO ZONE, International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Vol 1, No 2 (2009), p. 4 – 23

6. Adamus W. Safety management in Poland in the context of installing the anti-missile shield [w:] Człowiek i jego decyzje, (red. K. A. Kłosiński, A. Biela), Wydawnictwo Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Lublin 2009, p. 311 – 326

7. Adamus W., Łasak P., The application of the analytic hierarchy process to deciding

about the location of financial market supervision, Bank i Kredyt, Vol. 41 No.4 2010, p. 73 – 100

8. Adamus W., Quantitative Methods in the organization, management and psychology, [in:] Man at work and in the organization (edit. B. Rożnowski, M. Laguna), Wydawnictwo Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II, Lublin 2011, p.145 - 168 .

9.Adamus W., Supporting strategic decisions to build competitive predominance, Current problems of competitiveness improvement in national economies and enterprises, University of Niš, Faculty of Economics, Niš, 2012, p. 55-75

10 Adamus W., Motivational aspects in management of upper secondary schools, European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol.1, No 11,2013,p.31-62

Coordinator of most important research projects

1.Strategic factors of economic development of local communities

and regions in Poland ( 2004 – 2005)

Jagiellonian University

2.Quality management of food products


Jagiellonian University

3.Iinterdependence of priorities of regional policy of the European Union and of Malopolska region in the context of regional management


Jagiellonian University

4.Demand for managerial knowledge Polish hospitals medical staff (2011 -2013)

Jagiellonian University

character of participation:



1. Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wroclaw

a one year

2 University of Wageningen

two weeks study visit

3. University of Georgia

two weeks study visit

4 Ireland ,University College Dublin

purpose: 10-month

5.Yale University, New Haven

two weeks seminar

6.Slovak Agricultural University, Nitra

two weeks seminar