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Jacinta ARCADIA registered to attend the ICT 2013 Event


From Singer to Inventor. Jacinta has a unique story which blends Art together with Entrepreneurialism, Technology and Invention. Born in Australia, it took a very long time to follow in her Ancestors' footsteps and return to Prussia.

Now establishing a Digital & Physical Portal betwixt Brussels, Melbourne & San Jose. I love the challenges & inclusion of contributing &, meeting with Governments, European Commission & Parliament, Think Tanks to brilliantly inspiring Scientists & Future visionaries.

My inventions based purely in Art first then Technology is shaped within a simple Business Model of VonPrussia Online Agency acting as a real-time Arts & Talent Trade Desk,

VonPrussia Futureā€¦

Exporting People of the Future

Companies will build-up and build-down Teams

Faster & Smoother According to Growth & Environmental Flux

Smart People will Work in Laboratories of Creativity to Virtual & Ambient Spaces

Your Uniqueness will be Classified as Flesh IP

Traded & Exported on World Consultancy Exchanges

Clever Platforms for Invention

Governments will Recognise your Value as Export

Monetized Individuals

Commoditized People

Mobilized Intelligence Across Borders

True & Real Time Trade

Fair, Ethical & Transparent Guardianship of Contracts

Sugar Glider Policy

Lilly-pad Licensing

Universal & In-Federated Agreements

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