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Towards exascale High Performance Computing

Room H1B, 07/11/2013 (11:50-12:35)

The European strategy in High Performance Computing (HPC) aims at ensuring European leadership in the development and use of HPC systems, software, applications and services by 2020.

This call aims at leveraging the existing European strengths for building the next generation of extreme performance computing by 2020 and taking advantage of the new opportunities created from the transition from peta to exascale computing.

The challenge is to achieve, by 2020, the full range of technological capabilities needed for delivering a broad spectrum of HPC systems, from extreme-scale HPC systems, to extremely efficient, innovative and competitive mid-range and entry-level systems for the broader and/or emerging HPC markets. The designs of these systems need to respond to critical demands of energy efficiency, new delivery models, as well as to the requirements of new types of applications, including extreme-data applications. New methodologies, environments and tools for extremely-parallel and data-intensive programming are needed to achieve code quality and portability, reduce software development and maintenance costs while maximally exploiting underlying system capabilities (e.g., exploiting millions of cores in an energy-aware way). New mathematics and new algorithms are needed for ultra-scalable algorithms with predictable performance for existing or visionary applications, including data-intensive and extreme data applications in scientific areas such as physics, chemistry, biology, life sciences, materials, climate, geosciences, etc.


Presentation of the topic by Panagiotis TSARCHOPOULOS, European Commission (30')

Questions & Answers (15')

Organised by: Panagiotis TSARCHOPOULOS (European Commission, DG CONNECT - Future and Emerging Technologies, Belgium)

Group: Excellence-Future and Emerging technologies



Roberto ZAFALON, 07/11/2013 08:17

Does HPC PPP have a real chance to happen?


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