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ICT 2013

Tools and methods for software development

Room H1A, 07/11/2013 (09:00-09:45)

The quality levels required for complex and critical systems for example in terms of reliability, resilience and automatic adaptation, still represent a major challenge given current software development methods and tools.

Breakthroughs in this area could significantly improve the growth and competitiveness of the European industry and encourage faster innovation cycles. They could also foster a more competitive EU software industry, especially in the sector of large and interoperable software systems for industrial and public sector applications.

AGENDA (tentative):

09:00 Presentation of objective ICT-9: Dr. Odysseas I. PYROVOLAKIS, Unit E2: Software, Services and Cloud, DG CONNECT

09:15 Prof. Klaus POHL, University of Duisburg Essen, member of NESSI board and Steering Committee

09:30 Q&A

Organised by: Odysseas I. PYROVOLAKIS (European Commission - DG CONNECT, Unit E2 - Software and Services, Cloud, Belgium)

Group: Future Internet


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