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Improving access to Cultural Heritage

Room H1F, 07/11/2013 (18:50-19:35)

Come and discover how the European projects Europeana Regia and Europeana Newspapers which have their own features can bring important building blocks and improve access to European cultural heritage via Europeana for all kinds of audiences (general public, researchers, etc.).

  • Europeana Regia, now completed, which created a European corpus of 1,298 digitised manuscripts, mostly illuminated, a testimony to circulation of texts and art in Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, with a focus on the beginning of European culture in the Carolingian period.
  • Europeana Newspapers, an on-going project which aims at the aggregation and refinement of 18 million pages of digitised newspapers.

Both were funding by the European Commission.

The following topics will be presented: best practices for digitisation of manuscripts, improvements of OCR, aggregation of different collections and metadata model, improvement of the usability and research as well as the network and share of Best Practices.


1. Welcome / Introduction

2. Best practices for digitisation of manuscripts, improvements and results

3. Aggregation of different collections

4. Improvement of the usability and research

5. Network and share of Best Practices including a Latvian partner view

6. Questions/Answers

Organised by: Elisabeth FREYRE (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Délégation aux relations internationales, France)

Topic: Culture & Education


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