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International Cooperation

ICT cooperation opens the possibility for building beneficial relations for both the EU and third countries. International cooperation establishes global consensus for interoperability and standardisation through joint research work; enables researchers and industrialists to access knowledge, technology, expertise and skills across regions; enables access to experimental platforms; addresses world-scale problems of a global information and knowledge society that become of global concern; and creates new market opportunities.

The international cooperation sessions will witness the presentation of priorities in ICT cooperation, allowing the EU and partners from third countries to identify areas of mutual interest and discuss how to develop them in Horizon 2020.

Identifying ICT cooperation priorities between the EU and international partners in the new context of Horizon 2020 will help bringing a common understanding of where we want to go and where can we go together in order to benefit mutually from such cooperation. This discussion should foster ideas that could develop into initiatives for eventual objectives on international cooperation in upcoming Work Programmes and cooperation, focusing on ICT research and support to dialogues.

Agenda: [45 minutes sessions] [90 minutes sessions]

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