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PoSecCo: Policy and Security Configuration

This is an advanced research stand, located in Zone R3 industry and business for tomorrow. Stand number: 4D3

Has it already happened to you? You are sitting comfortably at home watching your favourite sports event and your favourite athlete managed to lead the entire race but now that he’s approaching the finishing line, his opponents are getting closer and closer... At this precise moment, the image gets pixelated and partially freezes! Everybody knows this annoying feeling and PoSecCo is here to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore, at least not due to IT security misconfigurations!

Come and get introduced to the functionalities brought about by PoSecCo, the novel approach to IT security management! Our project staff will exemplify the use of the tool through our end-user’s Paralympics video streaming scenario, which is intuitively comprehensible even for a non-technical audience. You will learn how to use the different functionalities through a top-down approach following increasing complexity, from high-level requirements down to configurations.

Most experienced users will have the opportunity to try out our tool themselves through our on-line test environment!

Coordinator: Marc SOIGNET (Platte Consult PGmbH, Brussels Office, Belgium)

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