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Cloud Computing in Earth Science for the better living of citizens

Booth 7, 07/11/2013 (16:00-17:30)

Today the CLOUD-BASED infrastructure is used even more from every day life services to specific research and innovative projects. However, although there are a lot of projects running there has not been a common description on the available services and also the needs of Earth Science in order to have an optimized design, development and use of CLOUD infrastructure in the future.

In our proposed session we expect to:

  • bring together ICT and Earth Science people in order to present the state of the art in available services of Earth Science using Cloud computing infrastructure.
  • show how the cloud can be used to provide innovative services for the geoscientific community
  • provision of know-how and experience about migrating services and data to the cloud to others
  • evaluation of cloud infrastructures for computing infrastructure replacement for public bodies (i.e. targeting more public bodies in general)
  • assessing the need for a EU level cloud infrastructure

Organised by: Alexandros SAVVAIDIS (Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Greece)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure



David CHER, 27/10/2013 20:09

Presented by: David CHER ( AKKA Informatique et Systèmes - Toulouse - France )


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