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Positive Technology: Steps Towards Ubiquitous Empowerment

Booth 4, 07/11/2013 (18:00-19:30)

The increasing diffusion of smartphones, wearable sensors and augmented reality is enabling a new range of services and applications. However, the pervasive presence of computers in our lives should lead us to ask ourselves a fundamental question: Do technologies make us happier? Recently, an international group of scholars has started to address this issue, by developing a new field called "Positive Technology". This approach combines the objectives of Positive Psychology – the scientific study of wellbeing – with advances in interactive technologies. The broad goal of PT can be broken down into two main research and development paths:

  • personal wellbeing: how ubicomp technologies can be used to support positive thoughts and emotions, foster the development/expression of personal resources (i.e. knowledge, proactive coping, positive engagement modes, ecc.) and promote optimal experiences?
  • healthy living: how to use pervasive technologies to develop new, personalized intervention strategies to help people improving their overall nutritional, physical and emotional health?

The goal of this networking session is to gather together experts interested in this emerging field, in order to define objectives and guidelines for the future research in the area of Positive Technology, by presenting success stories from existing Fp7 projects.

Introduction to Positive Technology (15 min)

The session will start with a presentation of the key goals and concepts of Positive Technology.

Best practices in Positive Technology (15 min)

The following presentation will be aimed at "setting the stage" for discussion, by featuring specific examples of positive technology applications and tools developed by Fp7 projects. The presentation will include live interactive demonstrations of existing tools and will allow attendees to better understand what positive technology is about, by giving them hands-on experience in experimenting some existing tools

Positive Technology in Horizon2020 (60 min)

The following discussion will focus on the opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 - the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020 - to further the development of Positive Technology as emerging r&d field. The specific objective of the discussion will be to identify possible areas for cooperation and collaboration and identify common topics of interest between experts from both industry and academia.

To this end, the specific aims of the discussion are:

  • analyse the state of the art of Positive Technology and propose a roadmap for future research and development in this field;
  • to qualify available technologies and platforms, with particular reference to mobile and wearable tools;
  • to assess Positive Technology markets and business models;
  • to identify relevant stakeholders and develop a community-building strategy;
  • to identify possible areas and opportunities offered by Horizon 2020.

Organised by: Andrea GAGGIOLI (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Psychology, Italy)

Topic: eHealth



Dimitris KYRIAZANOS, 03/10/2013 14:35

Hello, I d like to kindly ask on how are you planning to organise the presentation of ideas by participants? will it be an open discussion or will you also allow slides presentation? thanks!


Andrea GAGGIOLI, 16/10/2013 22:10

Also presentations from other attendees are welcome!


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