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Cloud Services within the Research and Education community - a Public Private Perspective

Room H1E, 07/11/2013 (18:50-19:35)

The session will bring together experts in Cloud Services and associated technologies such as - mobile and fixed connectivity, user identity, security and authentication. The group will discuss how these emerging technologies will work together deliver cost-effective and innovative services to the R&E community.

The session will be a round table/panel format with an interviewer and up to six experts in these fields from within the G√ČANT project and the private sector and other interested bodies. Within this structure a range of questions will be posed that challenge the interviewees on how Cloud Services can be used to benefit the R&E community, and how the issues of cost, service integrity, and potential security risks can be addressed in order to meet their needs.

The group will also investigate how effective public private partnerships can help drive innovation and take-up into the wider EU population, as broadband connectivity becomes the norm for users Europe-wide.

Organised by: Karl MEYER (GEANT, United Kingdom)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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