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CloudWATCH: Boosting EU Competitiveness with Cloud Computing - SME & Industry Perspectives

Room H1C, 07/11/2013 (16:00-16:45)

Easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective, there's no doubt that the rapid rise of cloud-based services has changed computing for consumers and business alike.This industry-led, interactive networking session is aimed at showcasing cloud success stories from SME user and provider perspectives. It will showcase tangible benefits for SMEs, promoting small businesses led by talented and creative thinkers and adapting quickly to changing market conditions. The session will also look at the benefits of prizes for innovative start-ups.

Thought leaders from industry will offer insights on boosting EU competiveness with cloud computing. The session will provide practical tips on how to move to the cloud, linking also to information services and guides on addressing legal concerns and much more. The session is co-hosted by the European project CloudWATCH and DIGITAL EUROPE.

Part 1: SMEs connecting, creating and growing in the cloud

Lightning Talks on SME success stories & satisfied users from Europe and beyond

  • Michel Drescher, The what, why and who of CloudWATCH for European enterprises
  • Craig Sheridan, Flexiant, UK and CELAR
  • Janne Jarvinen, F-Secure, Finland and TiViT
  • Xavier Aubry, APPEAR, Sweden and MobiCloud
  • Adomas Svirskas, EuroCloud, Lithuania
  • Dalibor Baškovč, EuroCloud Slovenia

Part 2: Interactive Panel Debate - How can Europe benefit from the cloud?

Members of the audience will join the speakers in an interactive debate to help define what cloud computing means for Europe, its citizens and its economy.

Organised by: Stephanie PARKER (Trust-IT Services Ltd, Communications & EU projects, United Kingdom)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure



Stephanie PARKER, 28/10/2013 18:39

Connect with CloudWATCH -

twitter: @CloudWatchHub

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Stephanie PARKER, 02/12/2013 15:24

#cloud4SMEs Look what our presenters have to say about the value of taking part in the CloudWATCH Networking Session:

EuroCloud report: with new initiatives involving EuroCloud like Clouding SMEs, Cloud Catalyst and MO-BIZZ, as well as KC Class a cloud initiative for Slovenia.

See also the reports from MobiCloud here:


Stephanie PARKER, 02/12/2013 15:26

We challenged our speakers to present their work in 5 minutes and they did a great job! Download the talks here:


Stephanie PARKER, 02/12/2013 15:26

Watch the MobiCloud movie here:


Stephanie PARKER, 02/12/2013 15:28

Janne Jarvinen, F-Secure and coordinator of the Finnish Cloud Software Program has sent CloudWATCH their guide to adopting the cloud. Download it here:


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