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ICT 2013

Conference session

ICT in Horizon 2020

Hall 3, 06/11/2013 (14.00-15.30)

This plenary session will address Europe's ICT research and innovation policy for the next decade. EU perspectives will be provided by senior European Commission officials. Industry representatives will present industry's perspectives on ICT.



ICT in H2020

Chair: Cathy SMITH (SpeakEasy, Belgium)

Session organiser: Zoe KAY (European Commission, Belgium)



Somayeh TAHERI, 28/10/2013 17:12

Dear Madam/Sir,

Is it still possible to register somehow to the event online, or to register at the venue?




Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 06/11/2013 14:10

Ref to panel discussion.Important aspects to observe and shadow consumer behaviour to get the need-finding for a future market. But even better to try to get user involved in the service and product development. A challenge!


Torbjorn JOHANSSON, 06/11/2013 14:13

The most important thing is to get the end-users really involved in the process to get their views on needs. Now it´s a lot of talk bout that but no real action. Why? This type of attitude changing process is most important to take the vision on the Digital agenda to implementation.


Zbigniew MROZEK, 11/11/2013 06:40

• An important challenge is to ensure that ICT graduates are prepared to enable Europe to respond to the current global technical challenges in the Green Energy the Environment and Sustainability, Communications and IT, Health, and Modern Manufacturing Systems (including Robotics), that is, a “new skills for new jobs” approach. This will embrace conventional education, lifelong learning and training for entrepreneurship. This is one of objectives of the Project SALEIE - Strategic Alignment of Electrical and Information Engineering in European Higher Education Institutions, supported by EU. See to get more details


Bartosz LEWANDOWSKI, 21/11/2013 13:35

I was attending this session, and many thanks to Mr Lee who gave us a perfect show in a good typical American style. His thesis were 100% on target, regarding European weeknesses in the field of innovation. But my question is whether it will be published some recordings from this session? It's really worth to broadcast it to the whole European research ecosystem.


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