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Innovation Capacity in the Public Sector

Booth 8, 07/11/2013 (18:00-19:30)

This networking session comprises innovation-driving projects to enhance Public Sector Innovation as a corner-stone in implementing the Digital Agenda. They will be a strong force in driving innovation in society, changing attitudes and thereby open up and contributing to new cost-effective solutions. As an actor, buyer and customer, the public sector can stimulate and aid innovation and growth by opening new markets and enabling new business ideas. ICT is a strong enabling tool in this iterative dynamic process. This way of bringing up and disseminating new ideas generates new markets for companies, innovators and entrepreneurs and stimulates Public-Private-Partnerships. In short, innovativeness in the public sector is vital, both to ensure a stable economy, technical development and to create future commerce and growth. The development of an innovation-oriented public sector goes by stimulating and enabling investment in research and innovation activities. Show cases from calls for RTD proposals in Sweden where drivers with innovative ideas to turn-around administration in the government have been funded and worked in new kind of partnerships.

Agenda 7 Nov 18.00-19.30. Introduction by VINNOVA. Open session with interactive tools including 2 minutes pitches in the Booth Innovation Pitcher, by representatives from interested organisations on the Theme: Innovation Capacity in the Public Sector. Welcome to pitch your project/ideas! Slide show displayed in the booth with visualised short descriptions and contact information from approx 20 projects. Take-aways.

Organised by: Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL (VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems), Services and ICT Division, Sweden)

Topic: Innovation



Trond KNUDSEN, 24/09/2013 16:11

We'll be able to give a quick overview of how society, agencies, industry have profited from the national support measure 'Innovation Project fot Public Sector' applied since 2007.


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 25/09/2013 19:35

Trond you are very welcome to the Networking Booth. We will give more information on the Agenda. But this is a small Networking Platform.


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 02/10/2013 21:49

We will put together ppt sfor interesting projects. Please e-mail one slide to me and we will put it on display.


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 05/10/2013 11:19

Check here the information on on-going project and activities in the area Innovation Capacity in the Public Sector. It will be continuously updated. Make comments, comment on other´s input or ask a question. Be sure to take place in our live event November 7, 6.00 - 7.30 pm (18.00 - 19.30) and give a 2 minute Pitch. Welcome to participate!


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 05/10/2013 11:31

Weblinks to interesting projects are welcomed.


Torbjorn JOHANSSON, 09/10/2013 15:26

Eme-X a prototype from the VINNOVA Public Innovation project ”ISSI – eService-development in the rural area of the municipality of Ornskoldsvik”. A digital service, eXtended with a an eService broker, a step towards individually profiled services.


Torbjorn JOHANSSON, 09/10/2013 15:37

eSpinn –the Movie, a video report from the VINNOVA Public Innovation project ”eSpinn – eService platform for the Inland”, municipality of Ornskoldsvik


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 12/10/2013 10:36

We welcome more inputs on this subject eGov for rural areas.


Torbjorn JOHANSSON, 17/10/2013 17:43

ISSI - Vision 2015. A video over planned future activities in the VINNOVA project ISSI - aiming at innovative Citizen Centric Public Services in Sparsely Populated Areas


Giovanna AVELLIS, 18/10/2013 16:08

I am interested in this networking session...and would like to collect the slides presentations...


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 20/10/2013 07:04

We will try to upload presentations of several projects already collected.


Henrik STRINDBERG, 29/10/2013 15:34

I can come by and pitch two projects related to public sector innovation that are listed on my profile:

* Rosetta Stone - Zebra crossing for connecting digital workplace content to web semantics, open-linked data and other related technologies

* Search & Rare Disease Diagnosis- Proactive diagnosis from powerful social search with textual input and the very latest information on rare diseases


Andrea HALMOS, 31/10/2013 10:29

Topics related to ICT-enabled public sector innovation within the 2014 and 2015 calls for proposals under H2020 will be presented during the WP session on 08/11/2013 (09:50-10:35) in Room H1B. More:


Madeleine SIÖSTEEN THIEL, 08/11/2013 00:48

Thank you all for a very intense networking session!


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