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Science Infrastructures for ALL: Engaging Europe’s citizens via participatory infrastructures

Booth 3, 08/11/2013 (09:00-10:30)

This session focuses on innovative approaches to engage citizens, especially the younger generation, in scientific processes by opening up science infrastructures to all. There are basically two driving forces for this networking session: the emerging concept of citizen science and the future need for more and highly skilled scientists in Europe.

This session will coordinate all agents involved in the citizen science environment at global scale, sharing experiences and promoting the usage of e-science infrastructures composed by citizen-based resources and contributions (c-infrastructures).

Discussions will cover a wide range of topics including future strategy development and policy recommendations as well as technical, didactical and citizen support issues.

Attendants will have the opportunity to prepare future initiatives and to set up the basis for the future citizen engagement in science in the White Book of Citizen Science for the Horizon2020.

Organised by: Fermin SERRANO (University of Zaragoza, Instituto de Biocomputacion y Fisica de Sistemas Complejos, Spain)

Topic: Computing, Systems and Infrastructure


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