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Booth Acronym Full name
BioXpr Expert services in bioinformatics
Getyoo Web-based platform to enable people to gather all their contacts and social activity in one place
PARADISO A Future Internet for which future?
A01 Ideal-ist Ideal-ist : Your worldwide ICT Support Network
B01 - day 2 3D G 3D Gesture Recognition
B01 - days 1 and 3 3D Gesture 3D Gesture Control CMOS sensors
B02 - 3 days Collibra Collibra: put your business in context
B03 - 3 days OEM Open Energy Manager
B04 - day 2 Cherry: powered by Mondial Telecom Fast-moving disruption in the mobile industry
B04 - days 1 and 3 CF online Calculating greenhouse gas emissions of a complex logistics network
B05 - day 2 SafeHMI HMI design for Safety-critical Systems
B05 - days 1 and 3 CS Complex systems
B06 - 3 days FP7 ONE-P Project Developing the next generation of Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics
B07 - day 2 Green-IT Green-IT Strategy, Governance and Maturity Model
B07 - days 1 and 3 QuIC Centre for Quantum Information and Communication
B08 - 3 days B-PHOT Photonics: key-enabler in Belgium and Europe for ICT
B09 - 3 days LICT Leuven Center on Information and Communication Technology
B10 - 3 days MNEMEE Memory maNagEMEnt technology for adaptive and efficient design of Embedded systems
B11 - 3 days MM Minotaur Media
B13 - 3 days CREW Cognitive Radio Experimentation World
B14 - 3 days ECODE Experimental COgnitive Distributed Engine
B15 - 3 days i2vision Delivering personalized media experiences
B16 - 3 days iPROD ICT Technology for Model Based System Engineering
B17 - 3 days LetterGen Paperless Banking
B18 - day 2 RTLS & WSN with zigbee technology Multitel R&D and Innovation Centre
B18 - days 1 and 3 CETIC Transfer of Expertise from EU Funded Research Projects to SMEs
B19 - day 1 and 3 Acapela Speech solutions
B19 - day 2 Geos Geolocalization & Data capture
B20 - day 2 ACIC Video Analytics
B20 - days 1 and 3 Polymedis Polymedis
B21 - day 2 AWT SprintCam Technology by I-MOVIX
B21 - days 1 and 3 UsiXML USer Interface eXtensible Markup Language
B22 - day 2 VIB Virtual Interpretation Booths
B22 - days 1 and 3 AFC Alterface
B23 - day 2 intoPIX JPEG 2000 compression
B23 - days 1 and 3 EarlyTracks Semantic Technologies as a disruptive technology in knowledge management
B24 - day 2 na Spacebel
B24 - days 1 and 3 Ophiteo Green IT services Ophiteo s.a.
B25 - day 2 NeuroTV Real-time 3D content production and interactive media
B25 - days 1 and 3 IRIS From data acquisition to document dissemination, a global view from I.R.I.S. through various technologies
B26 - 3 days BEA The Brussels Enterprise Agency – The cluster “Software in Brussels”
B27 - 3 days IRISNET2 A sustainable broadband network for Brussels
B29 - 3 days DSP Valley DSP Valley – Cluster and Ecosystem in the Design and Development of Micro-electronics and Embedded Systems
B29 - 3 days Imec Nanoelectronics for a sustainable society
B30 - 3 days K.U.L ICT K.U.Leuven experience in ICT related EU framework programs
B31 - 3 days FEDICT Federal Public Service Information and Communication technologies
B33 - days 1 and 3 MIC Microsoft Innovation Center
B34 - day 2 Green IT Innovative IT projects for a sustainable world
B34 - days 1 and 3 Cluster Twist Cluster Twist
B35 - day 2 na Cluster TIC
B35 - days 1 and 3 AWT Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications
C01 INTUNE Intune Network
C02 Novaled Novaled
C03 FM ICT Finance Marketplace
C04 EEN Enterprise Europe Network
C05 COMMIUS Community-based Interoperability utility for SMEs
C06 SIRONTA A disruptive P2P Team Collaboration solution
C07 VISIT Vertically Integrated Systems for Information Transfer
C08 InTopSens Design of Diagnostic Assays for Diagnostics and Drug Discovery
C09 AL & C AcrossLimits & Cogknow
C10 Domotic Server Domotic Server to Automate the Home
C11 Shadow Shadow Dextrous Hand
C12 Kompaï Kompaï the Robot
C13 BCI World's first personal BCI speller, robot control and position reconstruction based on place cells
C14 EPILEPSIAE Evolving Platform for Improving Living Expectation of Patients Suffering from IctAl Events
C15 AT4IE Adapting Technology for Inclusive Education
C17 In silicio In silicio
C18 LYATISS Virtualized-Resource Network Orchestration
C19 CNet CNet
D01 EU-Latin America ICT Gateway Fostering the ICT policy dialogue and research cooperation between Europe and Latin America
D02 ABEST Liason Office Argentina-European Union
D03 BrTICs Brazilian Map of Competence in TICs
D04 MexICT-Coop Mexican ICT Committee for Cooperation between EU and Mexico
D05 Grid / e-Infrastructures WORLDWIDE COOPERATION ON e-INFRASTRUCTURES Supporting Collaborative Research on Climate Change and Large Scale Challenges
D06 ISERD Israel-Europe R&D Directorate for the EU FP
D07 ICTurkey! Explore potential research collaboration opportunities with Turkey’s growing ICT research community
D08 ICT-WEB-PROMS / WINS-ICT Building EU - Western Balkan ICT Partnerships
D09 EECA ICT ICT cooperation with Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus, Central Asia
D10 Southeast Asia Cooperation with Southeast Asia on ICT research
D11 Eu-India Euro-India ICT Cooperation Gateway
D12 Join-MED Establishing the EU-Mediterranean ICT Research Network
D13 ESASTAP South Africa ICT Partner for Europe Information Booth
D14 Africa4All Parliamentary Initiative / eI-Africa / EuroAfrica-ICT / IST-Africa Initiative Supporting Africa-EU Research Collaboration
D15 AUS Australian ICT expertise
D16 EURASIAPAC European Asia-Pacific Cooperation on ICT Research
D17 uID An Application Framework for IoT
D18 TWICT Taiwan Innovation and Technology
D19 CAN-EU Canada-EU Research Collaboration
D20 NZICT The New Zealand Connection: Using New Zealand’s creativity and innovation to build sustainable knowledge societies. Collaborating internationally to achieve common goals.
E01 ARTEMIS ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
E02 ENIAC ENIAC Joint Undertaking
E03 ICT4FEV Information and Communication Technology for the Full Electric Vehicle
E04 FoF Factories of the Future
E05 FIRE Future Internet Research Experimentation Village
E06 ACM ACM-Europe Serving the European Computing Science Community
E07 Stream Scalable Autonomic Streaming Middleware for Real Time Processing of Massive Data Flows
E08 ERCIM & ETSI Boosting Innovation through R&D and Standardisation
E09 ERRIN European Regions Research and Innovation Network
E10 European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) The added value of the gender dimension in ICT, technology and innovation
E11 OISPG Open innovation and platforms in services; benefitting of societal capital
E12 EPoSS European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration
E13 ISI-ETP The Integral SatCom Initiative Technology Platform
E14 PHORCE 21 Photonics21 exhibition stand
E15 NEM Networked and Electronic Media Initiative
E16 eMTP eMobility Technology Platform
E17 NESSI ETP Working towards the Future Internet of Services
E18 TECHNOLIFE New ethics for new technologies
E19 HOBNET HOlistic Platform Design for Smart Buildings of the Future InterNET
E20 EFII European Future Internet Initiative
E21 NLHD myDitto
R1-01 JEOPARD Java Environment for Parallel Realtime Development
R1-02 Starlab Living Science
R1-03 DIEM Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem - making devices understand each other
R1-04 Smart Products proactive knowledge management
R1-05 HANDLE Robot hand dextreous manipulation
R1-06 IRMOS Interactive real-time multimedia applications on service oriented infrastructures
R1-07 FACETS From Neurobiology to Neuromorphic computing – Cutting Edge Research and Interdisciplinary Graduate Training
R1-08 VisMaster CA Visual Analytics to Master the Information Age
R1-09 Dibidogs Augmented Reality with 3D animated children's TV series
R1-10 ECCEROBOT A new kind of robot
R1-11 OCTOPUS Novel Design Principles and Technologies for a New Generation of High Dexterity Soft-bodied Robots Inspired by the Morphology and Behaviour of the Octopus
R1-12 MUSCADE Multimedia Content on 3D Glassless Cinema
R1-13 PetaMedia SpudTV: Affective Content Recommendation
R1-14 CSN Convergent Science Network of biomimetic and biohybrid systems
R1-15 Future BNCI Future Directions in BNCI Research
R1-16 TOBI Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction
R1-17 BION Synthetic Pathways to Bio-inspired Information Processing
R1-18 PRESENCCIA Presence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience, Cerebral-Computer Interfaces and Applications
R1-19 iCub RobotCub and beyond: AMARSi, ITALK and RoboSKIN
R2-01 SMARTIEHS Proof-of-Principle demonstrator of high speed inspection system for dynamic MEMS in wafer tests using micro-optical probing wafers.
R2-02 NANOPACK Nano Packaging Technology for Interconnect and Heat Dissipation
R2-03 DSS/AIT Safety & Security Department (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
R2-04 IoT Internet of Things Architecture & The IoT Innitiative
R2-05 FNIR / ICU Fusing far-infrared and near-infrared imaging for pedestrian injury mitigation (FNIR) and infrared imaging components for use in automotive safety applications (ICU)
R2-06 QUADRIGA OLAE, The New Electronics
R2-07 HYPOLED High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications
R2-08 PULLNANO Pulling the limits of Nanocmos electronics
R2-09 QUIE2T Quantum Information Entanglement-Enabled Technologies
R2-10 GOSSAMER Gigascale Memories for Europe
R3-01 FACESS / Primebits Printed electronics developments for energy source and storage as well as for memories
R3-02 EURIDICE European Inter-Disciplinary Research on Intelligent Cargo for Efficient, Safe and Environment-friendly Logistics
R3-03 MOBESENSE Mobility for Long Term Quality Water Monitoring
R3-04 AirWISE Airborne WIreless SEnsors
R3-05 EnerCities Gaming for a better future
R3-06 rasdaman Open Geo Services: fast, flexible, and easy
R3-07 SH/SG Smart Houses interacting with the Smart Grid
R3-08 HosPilot Intelligent Energy Efficiency Control in Hospitals
R3-09 AEOLUS Distributed Control of Large Scale Offshore Wind Farms
R3-10 BeAware Boosting Energy Awareness with adaptive Real-time Environments
R3-11 Buidling Energy Watcher Beywatch
R3-12 SSL-Projects Solid State Lighting
R4-01 PRACE Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe
R4-02 m:Ciudad A Metropolis of Ubiquitous Services
R4-03 FMN-cluster Future Media Networks Cluster
R4-04 SDI Scientific Data Infrastructures - Empowering research in the data-driven Age
R4-05 PSIRP Publish/subscribe Internet prototype
R4-06 RESERVOIR Deploying Complex Multi-tier Applications on a Federated Cloud Infrastructure
R4-07 ONELAB2 FIRE’s OneLab Experimental Facility: An Open Federation of Networking Testbeds
R4-08 WISEBED Experimentally-driven Future Internet Research with WISEBED
R4-09 P2P-Next Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery Platform
R4-10 GN3 GÉANT Project: pan-European network and services to support global Research and Academic Communities
R4-11 InterMedia Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices
R4-13 3DPHONE Developing an All-3D Imaging Mobile Phone
R4-14 GEYSERS Generalized Architecture for Dynamic Infrastructure Services
R4-15 OMEGA Convergent Home Networks
R4-16 SOA4All The Service Jungle: bringing services to life
R4-17 ASPIRE FP7-215417 Added-Value RFID Enabled Logistics for SMEs
R5-01 VECTOR Robotics and microtechnology for next generation capsule endoscopes
R5-02 Photonics4Life Bio Particle Explorer - Reliable Germ Detection Without Loss of Time
R5-03 SOPRANO Ambient assisted living IP project demonstration
R5-04 HaLO - Telemedicine Heart Link Online
R5-05 CompanionAble Integrated Cognitive Assistive & Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability & Security
R5-06 MonAMI A safe and comfortable life at home for elderly persons
R5-07 SMILING Self Mobility improvement in the elderly by counteracting falls
R5-08 CONFIDENCE Ubiquitous Care System to Support Independent Living
R5-10 SPOCS Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services
R5-11 HERMES A multi-touch interaction prototype that supports episodic memory of older people.
R5-12 CSIC BETTER and TREMOR BCI-driven Robots
R5-13 JamMo Jamming Mobile as an inclusive way to create and share music
R5-15 HAMAM Digital Fight against Breast Cancer
R5-16 CD-MEDICS Coeliac Disease Management Monitoring and Diagnosis using Biosensors and an Integrated Chip System
R5-17 OLDES Older people's e-services at home
R5-18 RAS@KUL Surgical Robotics at KULeuven, a seed for the future.
R5-19 HeartCycle Compliance and effectiveness in HF and CHD closed-loop management
R5-20 PlayMancer A European Serious Gaming 3D Environment
R5-21 TA2 Together Anywhere, Together Anytime
R6-01 EU4ALL European Unified Approach for Accessible Lifelong Learning
R6-02 NewsTechs Innovative technologies for the next-generation news consumers and producers
R6-03 LarKC The Large Knowledge Collider
R6-04 Apollon LIVING LABS Showcases
R6-05 LiquidJournals Rethinking Scientific Dissemination and Reputation in the Age of the Web
R6-06 LivingKnowledge Making Diversity a true Asset of the Web
R6-07 2020 3D Media 3D stereoscopic spatial media
R6-08 CoFriend : Cognitive Scene Learning and Interpretation Cognive & Flexible learning system operating Robust Interpretation of Extended real scenes by multisensor Datafusion
R6-09 EuroMatrix Plus Bringing Machine Translation for European Languages to the User
R6-10 3D-COFORM Tools and Expertise for 3D Collection Formation
R6-11 EUREKA & ITEA - CANTATA project Advanced digital video content analysis improves medical diagnosis, video surveillance and home entertainment
R6-12 CLASSiC Advances in Spoken Dialogue Technology
R6-13 TEL-GLOBAL Participate in Technology Enhanced Learning Globally
R6-14 Mobile3DTV Content delivery optimization over DVB-H system for 3D television
R6-15 SKILLS Multimodal Interfaces for Capturing and Transfer of Skill
R6-16 Europeana EuropeanaConnect Multimedia Annotation Service
R6-17 FinN Fun In Numbers
R6-18 EMIME Effective Multilingual Interaction in Mobile Environments
R6-19 COMPANIONS Affective conversational agents
R7-01 TAS3 Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services
R7-03 MICIE Model Tools for Managing Interaction Between Critical Infrastructures and Related Dependability and Vulnerabilities.
R7-04 HAVEit Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport
R7-05 SAFERIDER Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) and On-Bike Information Systems (OBIS) for Powered Two-Wheelers
R7-06 MoveON Multi-modal and multi-sensor low distraction interaction interface for two wheel vehicles ON the move
R7-07 STORK Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed
R7-08 PERSIST Personal Self-Improving Smart Spaces
R7-09 PICOS Privacy and Identity Management for Community Services
R7-10 PrimeLife Privacy and Identity Management in Europe for Life