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ICT 2010

Networking sessions

Day 3: Wednesday, 29 September
Time Networking sessions Location
09:00 - 10:30 Organic Electronics on its way from Lab to Market – Status and Paths for Commercialisation 1101
Global Information Infrastructures for Science & Cultural Heritage: The Interoperability Challenge 1102
Modelling the Digital Economy ? 1124
Networking for exchanges of advanced technology component 1125
Networking session on NEM innovation and Grand Societal Challenges T 007
Canada-EU Research Collaboration T 008
8th Africa-EU Strategic Partnership (Science, Information Society and Space) T 009
Trustworthy Critical Infrastructure Systems T 010
Ideal-ist: globally connecting people in FP7! T 011
BNCI Research in the ICT 7.2 cluster T 012
Research and development on Serious games T 013
11:00 - 12:30 Towards Lean and Sustainable Manufacturing 1101
Middleware services for context prediction and proactive adaptation 1102
European Efforts in Deploying IPv6 before 2012 1124
Content - delivery and production in Future Internet 1125
EPoSS Networking Forum on Smart Systems Integration T 007
imaginlab, When end-users are driving new media and future internet innovation T 008
eMobility: "Smart European Cities - the killer application for ICT !" T 009
Joining efforts in building an e-Infrastructure Ecosystem for Environmental Science T 010
Internet Science: understanding the future of Internet and Society (previously Paradiso) T 011
BIG DATA, LITTLE PRIVACY?: Data Mining Meets Society! T 012
Identity management throughout life – solutions, trends, side effects T 013
14:00 - 15:30 International cooperation on Future Internet: perspectives and roadmap 1102C
Digital Agenda for Europe: Open platforms for web-based applications and services T 006
Manufacturing Design & Product Lifecycle Management (Digital Factories) T 007
Metropolitan Broadband Networks to foster Sustainable Cities T 008
The GÉANT Green Team: exploring "green" networking technologies, tools and applications T 009
Cognitive radio & networking: the need for experimentally-driven research T 010