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ICT 2010

Networking sessions

Day 2: Tuesday, 28 September
Time Networking sessions Location
09:00 - 10:30 Assessment of impacts of Autonomic and Cognitive Networking 1102C
Thinking across borders - (Re) discover ICT cooperation potential with East Europe & Central Asia and Western Balkan countries 1122
EU-ASEAN Cooperation opportunities T 006
Enhancing EU-India Collaborative Research T 007
REEB & ICT4E2B Forum: a European-wide initiative for long-term Strategic Research in ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency in Buildings T 008
Benchmarking multimedia retrieval applications T 009
How to secure digital preservation resources, solutions, services, infrastructures in the information society? Future of Digital Preservation (DP) Research & Impact Networking Session T 010
Language Technology for a Multilingual Europe T 011
Patient empowerment supported by semantic social media and assistive health services T 012
Building Bridges for Sustainable Innovation in Europe. Co-hosted by ARTEMIS and ENIAC JUs T 013
11:00 - 12:30 ICT Cooperatioin Potential With Taiwan 1102C
Towards an open service platform and standards promoting integrated and interoperable AAL applications 1122
Governmental Linked Data T 003
Empowering EU-Latin America ICT Collaboration T 004
Long Term International Cooperation in ICT Trust and Security T 005
Energy aware ICT optimization policies for data centres T 006
Future Steps in ICT for the Fully Electric Vehicle T 007
NET-EUCEN: enlarging the network of stakeholders for the definition of innovative user-centered services T 008
Regulatory and Technological Requirements for Cognitive Radio T 009
Low-cost Imaging Technologies for Healthcare T 010
iCub friends: beyond the RobotCub project T 011
Research/Industry Collaboration on Open Source Cloud Middleware T 012
Heterogeneous and massively parallel computing systems T 013
14:00 - 15:30 New Zealand, Australia and Europe 1122
ICT Professional Societies: Which Opportunities for Europe? T 004
ICT for SmartGrids with DER: building the European Power System of Tomorrow T 005
IoT - Internet of Things Networking Session Europe (organised by the IoTi and IoT-A) T 006
Visions for long-term, ICT-based Freight Transport Efficiency and Sustainability T 007
The future towards cross-border public eProcurement T 008
Creating the Future Internet Assembly’s research roadmap for the Future Internet T 009
Energy efficient ICT: toward zero-power devices for a greener planet T 010
FInES in Networked SMEs T 011
A new platform is enhancing EU-US S&T cooperation within the EU FP7 projects BILAT-USA and Link2US T 012
Future User-Centric Media Networks T 013
16:00 - 17:30 eGen – women on board in ICT, technology and innovation 1101
Future Media Delivery Platforms 1102
Bio-chemistry based Information Technology 1102C
Built-in accessibility assessment and interoperability architectures in products of the future 1122
R&D on European satellite navigation programmes T 004
Effective clustering in ICT Trust and Security T 005
Connecting the worlds: Internet of Things International T 006
The value of (networked) Living Labs in the design and development of smart ICTs for well-being T 007
Satellite Communications: critical infrastructures for implementing European policies. T 008
OpenFlow in Europe - Linking Infrastructure and Applications T 009
ICT R&D opportunities with Japan and Korea T 010
Enterprise Software Applications in the Internet of the Future: Technology Push, Market Pull, or Co-Creation? T 011
Establishing the EU-Mediterranean ICT Research Network T 012
Networked Multimedia Technologies with Security and Privacy Aspects T 013