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EPoSS Networking Forum on Smart Systems Integration

T 007, 29/09/2010 (11:00-12:30)

EPoSS, the European technology platform on smart systems integration, can define both R&D needs and policy requirements.

The aim of the EPoSS networking forum is to provide research organisations and industrial companies with the opportunity to set up research consortia to discuss ideas for future research projects. A panel of leading EPoSS representatives will give an overview of the platform’s recent activities. In addition, the team will present success stories from its members in terms of their consortium building as well as their participation in FP7. The panel will also be available for plenary and bilateral discussions throughout the networking forum. In this session, participants will be given a chance to share their experiences and to gain deeper insights into the research challenges posed by smart systems integration.

Technical description

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Coordinator: Petra WEILER (VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Innovation Europe, Germany)

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Laurent SCIBOZ, 24/09/2010 06:57

Looking forward to join and see future collaboration


Michael SCHEMBRI, 24/09/2010 10:08

we would like to know more about your project proposals since we are looking for partners


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