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Towards Lean and Sustainable Manufacturing

1101, 29/09/2010 (11:00-12:30)

The networking session targets the community interested in cross-cutting ICT research topics and more specifically contributes to the Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership (FoF PPP) and networked embedded systems.

The aim is to establish a cluster of FP 7 projects for further collaborations and to foster discussions on future research perspectives on ICT in the FoF PPP. The session is organized by a collaboration of four FP7 projects. Representatives of the IPs AESOP, KAP and PLANTCockpit will show how these projects will bring the sustainable manufacturing one step ahead. From the view of the ActionPlanT project, which is the coordination action of the FoF PPP, research opportunities for further FoF projects falling under the purview of FP8 will be discussed.

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Coordinator: Daniela WUENSCH (SAP AG, SAP Research Dresden, Germany)

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Alex SHANI, 27/09/2010 13:50

YubiTech is a highly innovative SME dealing with research, development and implementation of Mobile Extension to the legacy Client-Server service systems. By using an innovative technology of Object Based Virtualization (OBV) and an easy to use tool of linking PC Client UI into the Mobile Extension users of Mobile Phone can manage and control their information systems (ERP, GIS, CRM, HomeGrown apps etc.). YubiTech technology can be used for the Controlling front end of FoF systems and would like to participate in the new PPP program. ICT2010 attendees are welcome to call me on for further information and common projects


Harry TSAHALIS, 29/09/2010 05:33

Interested to attend per activity in PPP FoF domain through participation in the FoF IP FoFdation, as also per participation to reIevant initiatives in other FP domain, e.g. aeronautics, etc. Also interested in collaboration with partners planning to pursue opportunities in current call and/or for later potential initiatives.


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