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Bio-chemistry based Information Technology

1102C, 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30)

Making technology more lifelike and intelligent, even if only slightly, can improve systems in all sectors of society.

The Industrial Revolution mechanised production in factories and the information revolution has mechanised information processing by computers. The next large-scale technological revolution will involve their integration and decentralisation to imitate living systems. Significant progress towards this integration is now imminent at the nano-bio-info interface. MATCHIT or Matrix for Chemical IT, an FP7 project, is working towards creating ICT-based systems with those living and intelligent properties which current technologies lack, such as robustness, self-repair, intelligence and self-replication. The potential long-term impact of this emerging and enabling technology will be considerable. This session will present the project’s aims and status.

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Coordinator: Steen RASMUSSEN (University of Southern Denmark, Physics & Chemistry, Denmark)

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