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Networking for exchanges of advanced technology component

1125, 29/09/2010 (9:00-10:30)

NEXPRESSO is focusing on the exchange and prototype evaluation of photonics components and optical systems.

NEXPRESSO is based on the highly successful ACCORD (Advanced Components Co-operation for Optoelectronics Research and Development) project. Its aim is to establish a network in which researchers can evaluate prototype photonic components manufactured by SMEs, at no net cost either to a university or an SME. As a result, students are being trained on the next generation of emerging technologies and products. This unique training will help develop a highly educated European workforce, while SMEs will gain a new and valuable resource for implementing their R&D. Such a resource will be precisely focused on the products and issues which are most relevant to an SME and its continued growth and success. This session seeks to spread such networks throughout Europe.

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Coordinator: Thomas PEARSALL (EPIC, EPIC, France)

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