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PRESENCCIA: Presence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience, Cerebral-Computer Interfaces and Applications

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-18

The FP6 PRESENCCIA project studied the ‘presence’ response – that is, the human response – to fake stimuli as if they were real.

This exhibit will provide an overview of the PRESENCCIA project which ran from 2006-09. The main goal of ‘presence: research encompassing sensory enhancement, neuroscience, cerebral-computer interfaces and applications’ was the understanding of brain mechanisms’ underlying presence in virtual and mixed-reality environments. The project was highly interdisciplinary, combining neuroscience, psychology computer science, and engineering. There will be at least two demonstrations, one on the use of brain computer interfaces (BCIs) and the other an illustration of the malleability of body image. The first will involve a BCI-controlled race between two people and the second will demonstrate various body illusions, such as the rubber-hand illusion.

Technical description

Coordinator: Mel SLATER (University of Barcelona, EVENT Lab, Facultat de Psicologia, Spain)

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