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DIEM: Devices and Interoperability Ecosystem - making devices understand each other

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R1 - Smart Systems. Stand number: R1-03

The devices and interoperability ecosystem (DIEM) project is coordinated by TIVIT Oy, a Finnish public company.

TIVIT is the Finnish ICT strategic centre for science, technology and innovation (ICT SHOK). This exhibit outlines the DIEM project which aims to define a completely new domain for technology and service innovation for smart environments. The key element is interoperability between devices from different domains. The project focuses on the platform’s interoperability, common user interaction methods, new kinds of application and services, and smart space demonstrators to show the capability of an open innovation platform. The project has already published – under an open source licence – ‘smart-M3’ (multi-vendor, multi-device and multi-part issue) interoperability software and ‘lively for Qt’ (a JavaScript application) for an ad-hoc mash-up (combining) service creation.

Technical description

Coordinator: Kirsi LINDFORS (Hermia Ltd., Ubiquitous Computing, Finland)

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