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Web of Events: Challenges and Opportunities for the event-driven world

T 012, 27/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

Events such as business transactions, users' clicks, cameras and sensors all represent an important source for achieving business agility.

These events give a real-time view of underlying processes and enable business to react proactively. With more events, more efficient real-time optimisations can be done. In the globalised economy, events can be shared worldwide, creating a web of interrelated, heterogeneous, distributed events coming from digital services or physical things. This is known as the web of events. This session will discuss developing an event-centric environment, covering services, sensors, multimedia and the process of detecting complex combinations of events and reacting to these situations. The aim is to develop business models, such as event-driven advertising.

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Coordinator: Nenad STOJANOVIC (FZI Karlsruhe, IPE, Germany)

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Vikram SORATHIA, 22/09/2010 19:00

Very interesting topic - crosscutting IoS, IoT, SOA and more !


Arne BERRE, 23/09/2010 12:06

This is an important area. In the FP7 project, ENVISION, we are focusing on environmental services - and events are an important part of our environmental monitoring and analysis. See


Kia TEYMOURIAN, 24/09/2010 11:31

Yes, this is an important crosscutting area.

We are working on knowledge representation methods for concepts around event processing. We also are working on efficient processing methods utilizing modularization and distribution of processing agents.


Peter VOJTAS, 26/09/2010 20:24

Interesting, maybe comparing implicit and explicit user reaction can be also relevant


Miguel CHAMOCHIN, 27/09/2010 12:53

Planning to attend. Airon has interesting ideas on web of events we want to share.

I look forward to meeting you !


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