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3D G: 3D Gesture Recognition

This is a stand in the Belgian National Pavilion, located in Zone B: Belgium National Pavillion. Stand number: B01 - day 2

Softkinetic SA is developing gesture-recognition software so that you can control your TV and other electronic devices using specific hand movements.

Softkinetic, a Belgian company, develops software for 3D cameras. The software uses a single and cheap 3D camera to identify the user and to recognise their body parts and gestures, in real-time.The purpose of this exhibit is to demonstrate the 3D gesture-recognition software developed by Softkinetic. Visitors will be invited to interact through their gestures with animations shown on a large LCD screen. A gesture-controlled user interface for the TV will be demonstrated, allowing the user to change the volume and to choose a channel by means of an intuitive gesture (such as waving their hand). Simple games driven by user gestures will also be shown. These applications are very intuitive and are mastered by users in no time at all.

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Coordinator: Serge HUSTIN (Softkinetic, Belgium)

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