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EarlyTracks: Semantic Technologies as a disruptive technology in knowledge management

This is a stand in the Belgian National Pavilion, located in Zone B: Belgium National Pavillion. Stand number: B23 - days 1 and 3

EarlyTracks SA is a young venture that specialises in knowledge discovery and consolidation tools for the investment industry.

This exhibit is organised by EarlyTracks SA, a company in the financial services industry. It was founded in 2008 to find opportunities in semantic technologies for analysing economic and financial information. The stand will demonstrate the result of the first phase of their industrial research into developing a web platform. This will allow users to automatically classify information and create a knowledge base. It will also maximise flexibility in the transfer of such knowledge. The information can come from numerous open sources and the classification is based on its meaning. By structuring information that is semantically unstructured, this approach opens up a way for various innovative solutions to deal automatically with the problem of huge information flows.

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Coordinator: Olivier DE DUVE (EarlyTracks s.a., Belgium)

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