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Establishing the EU-Mediterranean ICT Research Network

T 012, 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30)

Co-operation with Mediterranean partner countries (MPC) has led to increased awareness of FP7 and its possibilities for international researchers and developers.

International co-operation is an important element of FP7, and this is especially true for Mediterranean partner countries. On the practical side, however, it is still difficult to find European partners, because knowledge of the research landscape on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea is still often rather limited. The objective of the Join-MED project is to build up networks between EU and MPC research organisations by bringing Europeans to networking events in that region. In this networking session, representatives from leading research organisations from the MPC will have the opportunity to present themselves, exchange ideas, and initiate new partnerships for the upcoming calls.

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Coordinator: Thies WITTIG (IT Consult GmbH, International Relations, Germany)

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Yassine OUARDIRHI, 06/09/2010 01:10

I have old ideas / news to share with you: 1. We should actually do know the research organizations and research teams with their European counterparts MPC but this technical approach may help us to form consortia in the FP7 calls for proposals if it is supported by a permanent networking between the two parties. But in our case, have the MPC organizations and researchers who are interested to know their European counterparts to anticipate their participation in mixed consortia of their own design (the delegation of the coordination and management of the consortium are to be sold practice at a European partner to ensure a greater chance of success). So, in theory, one could imagine a model consortium of MPC coordinated by a European organization that would be a possible configuration. However, in this case, it is also the problem of knowledge horizontally among agencies MPC. 2. For feedback, remind us that the participation of agencies to FP MPC is closely related to human relations between alumni-MPC researchers in Europe who have returned to their home countries with their supervisors or European research teams in europe . These people share and others who can coordinate the occasion calls for projects and serve as gateways to introduce other skills on both sides ... I think we should capitalize on this social model / human potential for successful networks of cooperation between the two sides. 3. MPC installed diaspora in Europe could also play their role as a bridge between European research institutions and organizations MPC original ... I think the MPC countries should involve their diasporas at strategy and research programs for local push to play a role in linkage with research institutions in Europe. 4. It is necessary to think of solutions for horizontal cooperation in R & D between the MPC countries particularly in the areas of priorities and common interests. A specific research program for the Mediterranean region supported by the EU would be a perfect solution for one hand address the socio-economic challenges shared the region's pressing and other hand organisms MPC better prepare to compete in the European part of FP. One could imagine in a second stage that the program R & D would open the region to European research institutions to raise the pace of regional competition ...


Yassine OUARDIRHI, 06/09/2010 01:30

Remember us that a major research challenges in each country MPC tells the absence or weakness of cooperation between the public sector (research institutions) and private (business and industry). So we have more topics in fundamental research (PhD and publications) as applied research. On the European side, there is the opposite: practical research takes him on fundamental research. The nature of the research allows a very significant restructuring effect on the body of research concerned. It is also one of the obstacles for successful cooperation between the two sides. MPC countries must address this situation by strengthening cooperation between the two components of private-public R & D and foster the relationship between research and innovation to achieve the objectives of upgrading and qualification of their research institutions to compete International


Ernest CACHIA, 25/09/2010 17:10

Being an EU citixen as well as an inhabitant of the Mediterranean region, I look forward to this session. Thank you.


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