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JamMo: Jamming Mobile as an inclusive way to create and share music

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R5 - Digital Society. Stand number: R5-13

‘Jamming mobile’ or JamMo is a mobile technological tool for making music aimed at children aged three to 12 years.

JamMo was developed in the UMSIC or ‘usability of music for social inclusion of children’ project. This exhibit will present the JamMo product which aims to support the process of the social inclusion of children through the use of new music technology. The first standalone prototype comprises singing and composition games for children aged three to six years. It was designed to be used in a Nokia N900 mobile computer running a Linux-based Maemo operating system. JamMo can be ported (adapted) to other mobile platforms as well. The application enables children to access, play, manage and make music. Additional ad-hoc (decentralised) network and public applications, for children in the middle years programme (MYP) aged seven to 12, are close to being developed.

Technical description

Coordinator: Maija FREDRIKSON (University of Oulu, Educational Sicences and Teacher Education/Music Education, Finland)

ID: 3412