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SAFERIDER: Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS) and On-Bike Information Systems (OBIS) for Powered Two-Wheelers

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R7 - Safety and Security. Stand number: R7-05

SAFERIDER is a project driving the advanced telematics for enhancing the safety and comfort of motorcycle riders, aiming to improve rider safety.

Technologies to increase the road safety and riding comfort of motorcycle riders is lagging behind the rest of the automotive industry. However, it is important that such technologies should not interfere with driving or annoy the rider. The SAFERIDER project is studying the potential of advanced rider assistance systems (ARAS) and on-bike information systems (OBIS) for powered two-wheelers. ARAS applications include speed alert functionality, curve warning, frontal collision warning, intersection support, and lane change support. OBIS applications cover eCall, telediagnostic services, navigation and route guidance, and weather, traffic and black-spot warning. Using dynamic and/or static (simulated) demonstrations, the exhibit will demonstrate all the ARAS and OBIS functions.

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Coordinator: Stella NIKOLAOU (CERTH-HIT, HIT - Hellenic Institute of Transport, Greece)

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SAFERIDER Project (3rd Prize Exhibition)
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