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Effective clustering in ICT Trust and Security

T 005, 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30)

New ICT trust and security projects get an opportunity to explore potential theme-based clustering.

A large number of new projects relating to ICT trust and security will be starting up soon. This networking session will provide these projects with an early opportunity to introduce themselves to their peers and the wider R&D community. It will also explore potential theme-based clustering of projects working on similar or related topics, the aim being to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work and provide channels for input into future research. An online forum for ICT 2010 will enable project participants to request inclusion of their projects in the networking session on a first-come-first-served basis. The programme will be geared towards setting up an effective clustering structure for current and future trust and security projects.

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Coordinator: Frances CLEARY (TSSG-WIT, Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG), Ireland)

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Massimo FELICI, 30/07/2010 11:35

Interesting topic for a networking session, I will be interested to be informed about any follow-up activities


Théo BONDOLFI, 23/09/2010 23:03

Great opportunity. We will attend on the name of our Swiss R&D institute. We'll present our potential contribution on ICT security, specially on ethics in ICT trust & security (specially "ring of trust" new trends on web2 environments) and on dissemination opportunities we offer to project leaders.


Michael SCHEMBRI, 24/09/2010 10:41

we would like to know more about your project proposals since we are looking for partners


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