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Language Technology for a Multilingual Europe

T 011, 28/09/2010 (9:00-10:30)

Advanced ICT applications could help preserve linguistic diversity, a cornerstone of our multicultural European society.

Advanced ICT applications could be used to preserve Europe’s unique and essential cultural assets by enabling communication and collaboration across language boundaries. They can also help to secure equal access to information for people of different languages and support each language in the advancement of networked ICT. This session will investigate the role of language technologies (LT) in achieving these goals and discuss how best to position LT in a multilingual Europe with respect to text translation, software and content localisation and interactive systems. Researchers, commercial technology providers, private and corporate language technology users and language professionals will all add their voice to the discussion.

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Coordinator: John JUDGE (META-NET, Ireland)

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Philippe WACKER, 12/07/2010 19:29

Language training (at all levels) and investment in language technologies should become a major European asset/challenge. Europe must overcome the fragmentation of its own markets and arm its workforce for the penetration of foreign markets by making multilingualism a top priority.


Georg REHM, 31/07/2010 12:57

More information on the Networking Session "Language Technology for a Multilingual Europe" (including the programme) is available on the META-NET website at


Caterina M. BERBENNI-REHM, 04/09/2010 11:42

PROMIS@Service ( is convinced that multilingualism is one of the vital issues needed to support shortening the time-to-market of eBusiness services and solutions. The PROMISLingua consortium is getting ready to face this challenge and we will be happy to attend this networking session: To learn from the experts in multilingualism and to provide our experience and reactions from the markets.


Alan HARTMAN, 08/09/2010 07:05

Multi-lingualism is a problem not only in Europe but especially in emerging markets like India, where the problem is complicated by large scale illiteracy. The future technologies using Spoken Web and the mobile infrastructure offers hope. We look forward to developing these ideas with European partners


Alex SORIN, 09/09/2010 18:47

Multilingualism poses especially big challenge to spoken communication. ICT have a great potential here but there is a long way to go in real-time speech-to-speech translation, mixed-lingual ASR and TTS, accented speech recognition, foreign accent recognition. We in IBM Haifa Research Lab look forward to collaborating on these areas with academy and industrial partners.


Margaretha MAZURA, 20/09/2010 19:43

Multilingualism is not only a challenge but also a huge opportunity - and Language Technologies can help to overcome potential problems. This networking session promises to cover interesting aspects, also from the point of view of user communities.


Ricarda KOSCH, 22/09/2010 12:08

We are looking forward to find partners for the multilinguism of culture heritage in web.


Esteban Di Tada DI TADA, 22/09/2010 21:58

We are looking for partners for iconographics lamguage for service/client matching


Michael SCHEMBRI, 23/09/2010 11:42

We plan to attend this event since we are looking for partners in Language Technologies, software and content localisation and interactive systems


Mark LAST, 26/09/2010 13:12

We, at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, are looking for academic and industrial partners in multilingual Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation for a cross-lingual text mining project.


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