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Organic Electronics on its way from Lab to Market – Status and Paths for Commercialisation

1101, 29/09/2010 (9:00-10:30)

Electronics will go green when organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) are developed in the EU.

OLAE can help overcome major challenges for society by providing new applications using a novel approach to manufacture electronics. This combines new materials and cost-effective, large-area production processes. The products are thin, lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly. These properties open up new application fields such as intelligent packaging, flexible solar cells, rollable displays, efficient lighting and printed batteries. The session will be based on the recently published Strategic Research Agenda for OLAE. First, experts will give a current overview of the field, then a panel of speakers will discuss the European viewpoint and challenges. The outcome of the debate will help define the future path for the EU’s OLAE community.

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Coordinator: Constantin VON DEWITZ (VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, Microsystems Technology, Germany)

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we would like to know more about your project proposals since we are looking for partners


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