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BrTICs: Brazilian Map of Competence in TICs

This is a stand in the International village, located in Zone D: International Village. Stand number: D03

The Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing the International Cooperation with the European Union (Project B.Bice) aims to promote and improve co-operation between Brazil and the EU in science, technology and innovation.

Project B.Bice helps Brazilian research institutions and enterprises prepare for and negotiate the process of project proposals to be submitted to the European Commission. The scope of its activities has recently been significantly expanded and now includes the development of a competency map of Brazilian institutions created to help expand knowledge of Brazilian competencies in the EU. It is also within B.Bice’s scope to explore new means of communication to disseminate information as well as training materials. This exhibit will help identify the major Brazilian R&D institutions in ICT, along with the main fields of research.

Technical description

Coordinator: Paulo EGLER (University of Brasilia, Centre of Advanced Studies of Government and Public Administration, Brazil)

ID: 3250