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Metropolitan Broadband Networks to foster Sustainable Cities

T 008, 29/09/2010 (14:00-15:30)

Nowadays large cities are facing tremendous challenges : traffic congestion, population growth and ageing, ... health care cost explosion. Solutions are urgently needed and eLearning, eHealth, Intelligent Transport Systems, Green IT, etc. can be part of such solutions. Which role can Metropolitan Broadband Networks play? What kind of technologies and services should be supported by the public sector? Which research area should be fostered? ... This session will gather cities ICT representatives, ICT companies and academic researchers to share their vision on the future of those Metropolitan Broadband Networks by pointing to best practice city cases.

The Brussels Region Metropolitan Area Network (which goes by the name of « Irisnet ») contract has reached the end of its first ten-year period. A new tender is being prepared which will take new trends and challenges into account to design its future.

Therefore the ICT 2010 event is an excellent opportunity to share ideas and visions on the future of such networks.

Technologies are emerging like IPv6, LTE, SaaS, Voice and Data Convergence, SOAP, Semantic Web and many others. Which ones are useful to tackle the challenges listed above? Which ones can meet citizens-; and businesses-; expectations in the e-Government area and enable multi-channel ubiquitous mobile services? How are they going to make the Knowledge Society work ?

To liven up the session some representatives from interesting related showcases will be personally invited to the session, among which the city of Barcelona, Stedenlink, Belgacom (Mobile Services) and ENoLL. Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum members will also be invited.

The expected results are

1) suggestions for granting authorities to foster specific research areas

2) ideas of new services to support/promote

3) first steps towards cooperation opportunities between participants

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Coordinator: Fran├žois DU MORTIER (Brussels Regional Informatics Center, E-Government, Belgium)

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