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Mobile3DTV: Content delivery optimization over DVB-H system for 3D television

This is a technology or research stand, located in Zone R6 - Content and Knowledge. Stand number: R6-14

MOBILE3DTV aims to develop core elements of the next generation of mobile three-dimensional television (3DTV).

This exhibit will present a fully operational mobile 3DTV system comprising a stereo video source and channel encoders, and a portable transmitter and prototype terminal devices. These devices will be equipped with portable auto-stereoscopic displays and capable of receiving, decoding, and displaying 3D video content. Source encoders will show an improved rate-distortion performance in compressing 3D video, while channel encoders will display efficient protection against typical wireless channel errors. Visitors will experience mobile 3DTV services in a real-transmission demonstration. A team of experts in user studies will present their views of the project and discuss the ‘quality of user experience’ with mobile 3DTV.

Technical description

Coordinator: Dominik STROHMEIER (Ilmenau University of Technology, Institute for Media Technology, Germany)

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